Causes and Diagnosis of Neck Pain:

Neck Pain NJ | Spine Specialists NJ - ImageChronic or severe neck pain occurs on a wide range of severity that may have many potential causes. The different ailments collectively described as neck pain (officially, cervicalgia) can be as mild as a dull ache, but may also be severe and debilitating. The severity of the pain is dependent on its cause, which may be independently life threatening, though this is not always likely.

Because neck pain can be caused by so many different things, differential diagnosis presents a physician with a wide range to narrow down from. The pain can be caused by something as simple as stress, to as serious as spine or neck cancer, though it is more likely that the pain sufferer possesses a herniated disk or another ailment such as spinal stenosis or whiplash. In determining the cause of a specific case of neck pain, patient and family records are consulted to determine a possible history of a particular condition. After this, a physical examination and symptom analysis will be undertaken to narrow down possible causes. This may or may not include internal imaging techniques such as CT scans or MRI if the case calls for it.

Neck Pain NJ | Spine Specialists NJ - Image

Treatment for Neck Pain:

While the most beneficial treatment method for a specific case depends on the cause of the pain, the majority of the time it is unnecessary to operate. A combination of medication (anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and painkillers are generally applied), temperature therapy, physical therapy, supporting braces, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture may be enough to completely cure even severe chronic neck pain.

As neck pain is generally the primary symptom in many of these diagnoses, it is often effective to simply deal with the effects while allowing the body to heal itself naturally. This is called conservative treatment, which is more popular with physicians because it reduces potential risk of complications in surgery. However, in the case of a serious diagnosis, surgery will be recommended.

Consultation for Neck Pain:

If you are suffering from chronic or severe neck pain, we urge you to see a specialist at North Jersey Brain and Spine for consultation. While it is unlikely that the cause is life threatening, the pain may impact your life very negatively. As specialists in dealing with this type of ailment, our physicians will work their hardest to create a system that will target and eliminate the symptoms of neck pain.