Pediatric Neurosurgery Program

Family Experience

Visiting a pediatric neurosurgeon can be a scary thing for a child and your family. Disease of the brain, spine, and nervous system involve serious symptoms and call for complex treatments coordinated by a team of experienced surgeons. As a comprehensive program we see patients 18 years of age and under and for most conditions patients will be seen within 24 hours of contacting our coordinators. A patient liaison will expedite a consultation and assist in scheduling and coordination for each family.

We have developed our program with families in mind to help get children seen quickly. We help families navigate the process of evaluation, treatment, and recovery. Our neurosurgical specialists offer the most advanced techniques in clinical care with a focus on using minimally invasive technology whenever possible. Our experienced staff is readily available to help you if your child had been diagnosed with a condition requiring neurosurgery.

Clinic appointments and help for your child should not wait and we offer early clinic appointment times with flexible scheduling for families. We understand what a stressful time this is and please reach out to us if we can help.

Contact us and we will find the best doctor for you. Premier Pediatric Neurosurgery with North Jersey Brain and Spine Center.