Pediatric Neurosurgery Program

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Hydrocephalus Clinic

In order to help families obtain insight into their child's hydrocephalus, our team, led by Dr. Tim Vogel, has established a state-of-the-art Hydrocephalus Clinic. Dr. Vogel is an international expert on research and clinical care focused on understanding the causes of pediatric and neonatal hydrocephalus. He has educated pediatricians, neurosurgeons, and researchers throughout the United States on hydrocephalus and has advocated, through his ongoing research in neural development, for novel technologies to treat children affected by this disease.

Pediatric Epilepsy Center

In collaboration with Hackensack University Medical Center, our group is a pioneer in developing techniques now used to diagnose and treat children with epilepsy. We collaborate with a comprehensive specialized epilepsy center accredited by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) as a Level 4 epilepsy center. As the highest-level center, we have access to the professional expertise and facilities to provide the most complex medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for children with epilepsy. Our center provides care for children with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Craniofacial Institute at Hackensack

Our group has developed the first comprehensive multidisciplinary clinic for craniofacial surgery. Our experts focus on complex conditions and the treatment of craniosynostosis with minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Vogel is also an international expert on pediatric craniofacial surgery and has introduced novel minimally-invasive pediatric neurosurgical and craniofacial treatments that he helped to describe.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Program

Our pediatric Neuro-Oncology Program offers comprehensive, compassionate diagnosis and treatment of pediatric tumors of the brain and spinal cord. In collaboration with the Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital, our team works collaboratively with other centers, referring physicians, and families in New Jersey's largest pediatric neuro-oncology program. We offer the latest in surgical and medical management as well as the latest clinical trials for therapy. We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team to optimize treatment plans. As a comprehensive program we see all patients 18 years of age and under and patients will be seen within 24 hours of contacting our coordinators.

Center for Pediatric Spinal Disorders

Our spine experts have dedicated practices towards the care of patients with complex spinal disorders with experience in minimally invasive surgery. Our center is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary center between pediatric neurosurgery and pediatric orthopedic surgery. Children and their families are cared for by nurses, surgeons, and physical therapists. This team approach allows for the development of a consistent and clear message and treatment plan for children and their families. This approach expedites recovery and return to play. Our team advocates a conservative approach to children with spinal disorders with a focus on the promotion of spine health rather than the immediate surgical treatment of disease. Surgical treatments are considered after extensive team discussion with the patient and their family.

Concussion and Brain Trauma Program

Our program brings together experts on concussions and brain injuries. We evaluate, diagnose and manage any level of injury to your child's brain. We are dedicated to providing treatments to keep your athletes safe as they recover from their injury. We are the region's premier team for evaluating head injuries, with experts from many different fields. Our team is also involved in research that will improve the way we diagnose, treat, and care for children with concussions. Our goal is to help your child return to school and sports after a concussion. If you think your child or teen has a concussion and wants to return to sports, schedule an appointment with our team.

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